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Remember that there is a range of “average” and every baby is different and follows their own developmental timeline.

This chart is meant to be used as a quick reference.

Newborn – 1 month Getting used to coming from the warm and cosy womb into the cold world, which has gravity.

  • Flexed posture- maintains position from womb (fetal position)
  • Prone- Lifts head briefly and turns head to the side
  • Movements mostly driven by primitive reflexes, for example:
    1. Moro reflex
    2. Rooting and sucking reflexes – important for baby’s survival, helping them find the source of food


  • Hands fisted
  • Grasp reflex

2 months Lifting my head

  • Prone- raises head 45°
  • Hands often open or loosely closed.
  • Grasp reflex still strong.
3 months
  • Midline orientated and symmetrical
    -Hands to midline
    -Head in midline
  • Prone- puppy position (props self on forearms)
    – lifts head 45-90 degrees and holds without bobbing
    -turns head to look in both directions, with head lifted
    -elbows most often under or in front of shoulders

What are these?

  • Hands to mouth
    Hands together
    Looking at hands


4 months
  • Chest raise
    -lifts and holds head steady to 90 degrees
    -presses through forearms to lift upper chest
    -may lift arms and legs off the floor and rock or appear to be “swimming” or “flying”
  • Starting to roll – prone to supine.
  • Sits upright with trunk support, head steady




Let’s play

  • Voluntary grasp begins- holds a toy and shakes it
    Bilateral approach
    Mouths toys
    Starts reaching for toys and bats at dangling toys

** Bilateral approach develops before unilateral approach. Able to reach and grasp a small toy using both hands before starts using either hand.



5 months
  • Working the core/abs and neck muscles
    *Supine – hands to feet
    *Prone – Push ups, on extended arms
  • Sits with pelvic support

  • Reaches for toys
  • Palmar grasp, no thumb used
  • Uses both hands to explore toys
6 months
  • Getting moving
    Rolling both directions- supine to prone and vice versa.
  • Prone- Begins to push backwards using arms
  • Starting to sit on my own
    Begins to sit without support – leans forwards on hands (props self)

  • Reaches with one hand
  • Can only hold one object at a time
7 months
  • Starting to move backwards
    Creeping backwards on abdomen.
  • Sits without support- arm support at sides



  • Transfers object from hand to hand
  • Radial palmar grasp
  • Can hold 2 objects


8 months
  • Starting to move forwards
    Reciprocal creeping using arms
  • Pushes back into 4 point kneeling
  • Perfect sitting balance

  •  Imitates clapping hands
  • Compares 2 objects by banging together
  • Index poking
  • Radial raking


9 months Rock ’n roll

  • Rocks on hands and knees
  • Prone to sit & sit to prone
  • Sits and pivots

I’m standing

  • Pulling up into standing holding on to furniture, arms do most of the work
  • Stands holding on to furniture

  • Inferior pincer
  • Isolates index finger

10 months Off I go – crawls on hands and knees


Thumb and finger opposition begins
11 months
  • Cruising with one hand for support
  • Walks with hand held
  • Stands independently for a short time-  2 seconds, legs wide, arms up/out


Pincer grasp maturing
12 months
  • Crawls, bear walks or shuffles on bottom 
  • May start walking- can take independent steps


  • Mature pincer grip – thumb opposition and tip of index finger
  • Attempts tower of 2 cubes
  • Scribbles after demo
15 months
  • Walks– may still have feet wide apart
  • Squats down with control and stands back up

  • 2 cube tower
  • Precise pincer grasp – can pick up crumbs
  • Spontaneous scribble
18 months
  • Pulls toys while walking
  • Squats to play
  • Climbs up onto big chair and turns to sit
  • Starts to jump with both feet
  • Throws ball while standing
  • Runs with stiff posture


  • 4+ cube tower
  • Pegs in a board
  • Drinks from a cup
  • Feeds self with a spoon