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Why Students Prefer Pass the OT Over the Other Study Preps

Student rated PASS THE OT 28% Higher Than The Other Study Preps

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Our Distinct Advantages:

  • Our structured study plan eliminates the guesswork of what to study and makes studying easier
  • Our audio recordings, charts, videos, and games simplify learning and cater to many types of learners
  • Our test prep questions are spot on, have clear rationale, and simulated the actual format of the exam
  • Our tutors build your confidence, help you break down the questions, and teach you how to choose the correct answer
  • Our Assessment Test helps you properly focus on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Our study material is thorough, well organized. manageable, concise, and easy to understand
  • Our questions and study material are up to date as well as they are  constantly  revised and updated
  • We offer flexible payment plans and incredibly responsive tech support

Easy to Understand

Our material is broken up into bite size manageable pieces and delivered in audios, videos and easy to understand charts.


As the test changes, our program changes. We are always updating our study material and test questions so that they are current and reflect the actual test.

Proven Results

Over 90% of our members pass the NBCOT exam. If you do not pass, you may purchase our full web course at 50% off the next time.

Work with Experts

All our tutors ara licenced OT’s who have helped hundred of students pass. They are dedicated and will go the extra mile to help you pass

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What makes Pass the OT so effective at helping OT & OTA students pass the NBCOT® exam?

Pass the OT’s exam prep for the NBCOT® test includes a structured 8-module study plan, designed to be taken over an 8-week or 4 week period. The course includes 1600 practice questions with clear and concise rationale, 18 hours of audio recording, easy to understand charts with images, quizzes broken down into the 25 of the most important categories for the NBCOT® exam, worksheet, videos, and optional one-on-one tutoring, unlike other study preps, PasstheOT concentrates on intervention, improves critical thinking, and teaches you how to break down questions when two answers seem correct.

Pass the OT’s Personal Tutoring can help OT & OTA students pass the NBCOT® exam

In conjunction with Pass the OT’s online course for the NBCOT® exam, we recommend students work with our one-on-one tutors either weekly or every two weeks. Working with one of our personal tutors will get you ready for the NBCOT® exam sooner, hold you accountable, challenge you, keep you focused, build your confidence, and help you deal with test anxiety. Pass the OT’s tutoring sessions for the NBCOT® exam are one-hour long and are via Skype or phone and can be recorded for future playback. Our tutors are licensed occupational therapists and occupational therapist assistants trained by our Founder, Stephanie Shane.

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Pass the OT partners with OT and OTA Program Directors

Pass the OT provides program directors and faculty with tools, such as student activity logs, student score tracking for practice quizzes, initial assessment tests, and accommodation tests.  They also break down their practice tests into 25 key categories which allows the students and faculty to know which areas the student has weaknesses in and requires additional focus.Read more

Our Recent Accomplishments

  • Pass the OT helped a student pass after talking the test 8 previous times using other prep services
  • Pass the OT helped a student raise their score by 104 points
  • Pass the OT helps ESL students and structure with learning disabilities pass the exam
  • 84% of students who used Pass the OT passed on their first try

About Pass the OT

Started by Stephanie Shane in 2013, Pass the OT’s online prep course for the NBCOT® exam has helped over 1500 OT and OTA students pass the NBCOT® exam, becoming OTR® and COTA® professionals. Our program is the most effective in the market, enabling future occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants to increase their understanding and comprehension of the material and driving their passing scores. In addition to our structured online course we offer one-on-one personal tutors, that are all OTR® and COTA® certified. We partner with top OT and OTA schools to help enable their students to pass the NBCOT® exam.

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Our Mission:

Pass the OT is not just a study prep for the NBCOT® exam.   Our staff is dedicated to bettering the lives of OT and OTA students and their families. We approach this goal with dedicated personnel, best-in-class study materials, cutting edge technology, and strategic partnerships, to help our students build their confidence, overcome obstacles that seemed insurmountable, and obtain their dream career.  

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