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It is highly recommended to sign up for the web course as well as weekly/ biweekly tutoring sessions until your test date.  The web course will consist of  practice questions that are similar to the ones you will see on the actual test.  It will also help you quickly learn the most important topics as well as help you pin point your weaker areas which you then can review with your tutor.  Tutoring will not only hold you accountable and  but will also increase your critical thinking so that you can get more answers right.

We want to make sure that you have a certain level of critical thinking when you take the test. Typically, if you score between

440- 449 –  we recommend 4-6 weeks of studying (4-8 hrs/6 days per week) before taking test

440 & below –  we recommend 6-8 weeks of studying  (4-8 hours/6 days per week) before taking test

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        Over 13 hours of Audio Recordings

Over 800 timed/untimed  practice questions with rationales & a final cumulative exam for NBCOT® exam

Proprietary study guide

Flashcards, study schedules, and  test taking tips on how to pass the occupational therapy test

Worksheets on pediatric development, SCI, ACL, Hands. Wheelchair, & Rancho, etc.

And Much Much More

Your satisfaction  is extremely important to us.  If you are not satisfied with our program, please notify us within 48 hours after signing up for a full membership, and we will gladly refund your money.   So far, we have had very few people ask for a refund.  In fact, many of our students can’t believe how good our practice tests and practice questions are.

Our tutoring calls are client centered and will help you with any areas of the occupational therapy test that you may be having difficulties with. We specialize in helping students increase their critical thinking, dissecting questions, and explaining difficult material.

The tutoring sessions are 1 on 1, therefore it is just you and the tutor on the call. However, we do offer group tutoring sessions if you would like to work with a study partner.

The key to our success is making sure you know the most important topics on the occupational therapy test.  We developed a 7 week program so that you can focus on a specific subject area each week so that you are an expert by the end of that given week. Working with a tutor each week will ensure that you are a master at that topic and you are ready to move on. In the session, the tutor will answer any questions you have about the topic, go through specific occupational therapy test questions, and quiz you on your knowledge.  In each session we aim to strengthen your critical thinking, explain difficult material, and make studying as efficient and effective as possible.

The program is 7 weeks long, however, many of our students work with us 2 times a week till they take their test.

We recommend working with a tutor a minimum of once a week until the date of your occupational therapy test. Many of our students highly benefit from working with us 2 or 3 times a week as well.

The tutor will provide you with a study schedule and what areas to concentrate on. Our sessions are client centered so after the tutor understands your specific needs, they will assign you with tasks to complete, to help you pass the NBCOT® exam.

Yes, you can certainly email the tutor prior to the session to ensure progress. We also highly recommend keeping a running log throughout the week so that you don’t forget any questions. Since all of our tutors work full time and have other tutoring clients, we try to encourage that all questions be answered during the tutoring sessions.

Students who use our exam prep web course and work with a tutor each week before test date will drastically increase their chances of the passing the exam. Each session is 1 hour. The cost is $65 for one session or $441 for 7 sessions ($63 a session).

It is  recommended that you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  You can use Internet Explorer, but it will at times have glitches.

Make sure you have the latest IOs download on your ipad

Download google chrome from app store.  Safari does now work well with audio plugin.

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Please contact support@my.passtheot.com if you have any further questions, need technical assistance, or would like to make recommendations on how we can improve our services.  We will try to respond within 24 hours.   Our hours are between 9 am – 6 pm PST

Our program is not endorsed or affiliated with The National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy, NBCOT®.  NBCOT® is a registered trademark owned by The National Board For Certification in Occupational Therapy.  Pass the OT LLC is independently owned and operated.