Studying for and taking the NBCO® Exam feels like a never-ending process full of emotions that range from helplessness to being overwhelmed. However, after not passing the first, second, or third time, those feelings are heightened tremendously. Days filled with self doubt can often become the norm and, sometimes, students can’t help but wonder if OT is really what they were meant to do. While these times of struggle can drag on, there are ways to make them as short as possible or even end them altogether, especially if you are a friend or loved one of a student going through the NBCOT® Exam journey. Here are five tips to help a student going through a rough patch of study time.

Support A Student While They Study For The NBCOT® Exam

1- Make it known that you’re there for her when she needs to vent: Studying for this exam is a rollercoaster, and a lot of highs and lows come out of nowhere. Chances are, she will eventually want to vent about her struggles throughout the study period. Encourage, but don’t force, her to.

2- Accept that you probably don’t fully understand what the student is going through, and don’t pretend to: Most of the time, the best thing members of the support system can do is simply listen and offer a hug rather than quoting an inspirational poster.

3- Send him funny videos/texts throughout his study day: Be careful not to get to the point of distraction, but focus on little stress relievers for his study breaks. A 30-second cat video on Instagram or a picture of a cute dog goes a long way for a student who is waist deep in study materials.

4- Check in on her, but not in a, “how’s the studying going?” way: Ask how she’s feeling, if she had a good dinner, etc. More times than not, students get so caught up in the depths of studying that they forget to take care of their mental and physical health. Be there to remind your loved one that her health is just as, if not more, important than her latest practice exam score. If it seems like she’s lagging (i.e. eating cookies for dinner 3 nights in a row), offer to help her get back on track.

5- Plan days where the student doesn’t think about, talk about, or study for the exam: Of course, check in with him before you do this so he can plan ahead, but offer to create a day full of activities he loves, but may not be doing as frequently because of studying. It may seem like nothing, but a day completely away from exam material works wonders for an overwhelmed student’s mindset.

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