So you are currently studying for the NBCOT ® exam since you aspire to work in occupational therapy as a certified Occupational Therapist® (OT) or certified occupational therapist (COTA®). Read on, as this might help you maximize your chances of passing.

Passing this exam is an essential step that requires not only a lot of time but also dedication. However, this task can be quite challenging and even stressful for some people, especially when you possess little information about the exam.

At Pass the OT, we want to help future candidates pass their exams. This is why we want to share our best test prep tips with you to help maximize your study efforts and ensure you get the most out of your exam prep.

Elaborate a Study Schedule

It may be natural to try to cram the exam prep into a short amount of time to get the exam over with. However, this is not a realistic plan to follow. It’s highly recommended to give yourself as much time as possible to study for the exam.

It is also important to make sure you get the most out of it. This is why it is beneficial to develop a comprehensive schedule based on the number of days you have left before the test, different sections of the exam, and the amount of time you can reasonably devote to studying each day without overheating.

You should also study your weakest areas first and work towards your strongest areas as you get closer to your exam.  This will help you feel less  overwhelmed as well as it will reduce test anxiety.

Elaborate Your Study Kit Based on Your Study Style

Every person has their way of studying for an exam. Some prefer studying using just one study guide, others prefer to use more than one, some prefer using visual material, and others prefer using audio books.

There isn’t just one approach when it comes to prepping for a test. Elaborating a guide based on your study style will not only lead to a better outcome on your results, but you will also feel more confident when the day of the exam comes.

Identify Which Topics Are Difficult For You

Once you start studying the topics that will be on the exam, you will start noticing that there will be certain ones you will understand more quickly, and there are some in which it will require more time and effort to understand fully.

Identifying which topics are more troublesome for you will help clarify where you need to focus your attention more to help improve your results.

Working with a Tutor

No matter how smart you are, you will come across complex topics that will be hard to grasp by yourself. This is why obtaining help from a professional tutor is always beneficial and highly recommended.

Professional tutors possess both the training and the experience to better help you do the necessary work so you can earn a good score that exceeds even your own expectations.

With their help, you will better understand the topics that trouble you and improve your studying method since it’s reinforced by a professional.

Get One Step Closer To Passing The OT ® Exam With Our Help!

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