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Common mistakes students make when they don't pass

Because we have helped so many students who could not pass, many who have exhausted all the other study preps including AOTA® Online, NBCOT Study Pack, Therapy Ed, the Purple Book, and True Learn, we have seen the mistakes that students constantly make which result in them not passing. They are listed below:

  • Having blind spots in their understanding of the
  • Being overwhelmed by too much study material and not knowing the proper material to study
  • Using study material that does not fit best to their learning style
  • Not being organized and focused in their
  • Doing the same thing as before and hoping for a different
  • Trying to memorize questions/answers instead of understanding the clinical applications behind the questions
  • Taking cumulative exams without spending proper time to review their wrong answers and understand why they got those answers wrong
  • Not recognizing the actual costs of not
Our System

To overcome these mistakes that so many students make, we have built our study prep around a system or formula. Although there are other companies today that are offering tutoring, quizzes, or study material, they do not have a real, proven system. It is this system that makes studying much easier and efficient without being overwhelming yet provides our members with pinpoint accuracy in mastering the material that they need to know in order to pass. It is also this system that makes us so effective and allows us to continue to produce extraordinary results and help students pass, time and time again. A summary of our system is on the next page.


When your student first logs in, it is recommended that they take our learning style profile quiz so that they can maximize their efficiency while studying.


Both our 100 question and 200 question assessment quizzes will assess your students' strengths in all the key areas on the NBCOT® exam, which is covered in our course. You may view all our quiz questions for a given module by clicking on the OTA Study material menu and going to bottom of that chosen module.


After taking the Assessment Test, students will be given a breakdown on how they scored on the key areas that typically show up on the NBCOT® exam. This will help them better identify their strengths and weaknesses which will allow them to better allocate their study time.


To access the eight different study modules click on “Study Material”. We find that students get overwhelmed by too much information or don’t have a plan of attack to address all the areas covered in the exam. It is important to master one topic at a time and then move on to the next topic.

Topics Covered

  • Module 1: OT Process, Professional Standards & Ethics
  • Module 2: Pediatrics
  • Module 3: Musculoskeletal Conditions & Interventions
  • Module 4: Injuries & Diseases
  • Module 5: Neurological Conditions & Interventions
  • Module 6: Mental Health
  • Module 7: Review
  • Module 8: Final Exam

In each module you will find a variety of study material that has been structured to help make complex material much easier to learn. This includes diagrams, charts, audio recording, and videos. We also highlight material for students to help them focus on what is most important to learn.


Here is an example of our chart on Upper Extremities


Here is an example of our pediatric handwriting chart


The quick sort tool makes it much easier and faster for students to find what they are looking for.


One of the benefits to our 50 hours of audio recordings are not only that they are on all the most important topics on the exam, but they also allow your students to learn material while in the car, working out, or taking a stroll in the park. This also can make studying more enjoyable.


At the end of each module we have timed and untimed quizzes.  We recommend students take these quizzes after they feel they have mastered the material.  We also provide accommodation quizzes for your students who require accommodations. Some of our program director partners find it effective to set a due date for when the exam must be completed.  They also may require students who score under 75% to work with a Pass the OT tutor before moving on.
By default our quizzes are locked so that they can only be taken once by a student. If you would like to unlock the quiz so that it can be taken multiple times, you can use our quiz lock feature,

Quiz Lock

Quiz Lock: Due to our program director partner requests, we have locked all our quizzes so that they may only be taken once by a student. If you would like to unlock a particular quiz so that it may be taken multiple times by either a particular student or your entire cohort, you may use the Quiz Lock feature to unlock that quiz.

Master - Review

After the first six modules of structured content, module seven is a content review for your students to brush-up on any remaining problem areas that are still not totally clear.  Students may choose their topics and are presented with study materials and quiz questions to review, in order to solidify their understanding of those topics.

Master - Group Calls

Each week your students will have free access to one of our group calls with one of our top tutors.

During a group call, the first 30 minutes will be focused on content and the last 30 minutes will be dedicated to answering questions. There will be an emphasis on critical thinking, strategies to help your students break down questions and rationalize interventions.

Master - Private tutoring

Private tutoring sessions are an optional purchase that can be made by either the student themselves or their program director, and once purchased a student may book a session at their own convenience. We even provide a matching profile system that best matches your student with the most appropriate tutor for their needs. we text recommend that your student use a private tutoring session if they scored 75% or lower on any of the timed exams. Private tutoring will do the following :

  • Improve your student's critical thinking & teach them the correct intervention
  • Simplify complex material & reenforce your student's understanding of that material
  • Teach your student how to break down question
  • Help your student choose the correct answer when two answers seem correct.
  • Reduce test anxiety & increase your student's confidence
  • Provide your student with a proper gauge of when they should take the exam.
Master - Final Exam

After your students have sufficiently reviewed all problem areas in the other seven modules, it is recommended that they take the Final quiz in Module 8, which covers all topics and will assess their readiness to take the NBCOT® exam.

Some Program Directors will require their students to score a minimum score of 75% or above on this exam in order for them to pass their class.  They may also have this same requirement for our midterm quiz as well.

Tracking Tools

In "Scoring Overview", you may view all your students' scores in one place as well as export their scores into a spreadsheet. The green up arrows or a down red arrows are displayed to indicate if a student took the same quiz more than once as well as if they scored better or worse than on their previous time. To view detailed information on a specific quiz click on a test %.  You may also access the individual scores by clicking on “Individual Scores”

Tracking Tools

To make things easy for you, we show all your students correct, incorrect, and unanswered questions. They are even color coded so that you can quickly identify them. We also provide you with a category breakdown of their quiz so that you can better assess where your student was strong and where they were weak

Tracking Tools

If your student scores beIow our benchmark of 75% you will be provided with a Quick Alert. You will also be sent an email alerting you that your student underperformed on a quiz. This tool will allow you to better pinpoint weak students as well as give you the opportunity to provide them with extra support they need so that they can better understand the material and not have a large gap in their learning.

Tracking Tools

Use the "Activity Log" to view all your student’s page activity as well login activity so that you can better hold them accountable as well as understand their study habits.

Tracking Tools

Exit Survey: At the end of our program, we will provide an Exit Survey to your students. This is a great way for you to get immediate feedback on the success of our program, the overall experience your student had when using our program, as well as alert you and us of any student who did not pass so that we can provide them any extra assistance so that they can pass next time. In order to improve the response rate of this survey, we ask that you provide us with the expected test dates of your students.

Ways To Implement Our Program

On top of offering programs for students taking their exam in approximately 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 16 weeks. we offer a special student program for our university program directors/ and faculty to implement over an entire semester. Furthermore, we give students an additional 3 months after their semester as ended to study with our program. That way they have adequate time to properly study before they take the exam.

What Is The Cost Of Our Program
Our Pass Guarantee

We are so sure that our study prep is the most effective web course out there for passing the NBCOT® exam that we guarantee that your students will pass their exams on their first try, as long as they follow our study guide and use our program in the appropriate manner. Furthermore, if one of your students does not pass on their first try after using our program in the correct manner, we will refund the fee for that student or we will credit you with a student fee for the upcoming semester. This way, you only pay for your students who we actually help pass

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