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Module Six

This week focuses on: Psychosocial Conditions & Interventions, Groups and Group Dynamics, Allen’s Cognitive Level (ACL), and Activities of Daily Living

Study material Online Tutoring

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Group Call with Tutor Cory

Dementia Group Call Powerpoint with Cory

** Questions 10-14, with answers

ACL Group Call with Tutor Stephanie

5 Types of Developmental Groups with Tutor Stephanie

Groups Tutoring Call with Tutor Stephanie

6 Types of Activity Groups with Tutor Stephanie

Mental Health Group Call with Tutor Stephanie

ACL Group Tutoring Call with Tutor Melissa

Dementia/Alzheimer’s Group Call with Tutor Melissa

Study material Watch videos

It is recommended to watch 3-5 YouTube videos on each topic. Here are some that I recommend.

Alzheimer’s Disease- OT Intervention | OT MIRI

Get more answers right on the OT exam after watching!

Watch this video to get more answers right!

Study material Quizzes

If you are short on time or if you would like to take condensed quiz please go to module 7, where you can take quizzes by category

Module 6 OTA Quiz. If you do not get 75% or better, we strongly recommend that you sign up for one on one tutoring so that you can better understand the material