Are you currently studying for the NBCOT® exam?

Being able to read NBCOT® study guides and take notes from NBCOT® exam prep books can certainly be useful when preparing for taking the exam.

However, this traditional process can also be quite tedious and could not be very beneficial especially since you are nor allowed to review your incorrect answers when using the NBCOT® study guide .

If you are one of those people that are having trouble remembering most of what you read and wrote in your notes, don´t worry. There is a simple fix to this.

Apply memory tricks into your study session!

It is generally useful to use memory tricks to prepare for this exam. The trick is simply merging those tricks with the topics you are currently studying and having trouble remembering.

Below are some memory tricks we recommend in using when studying for the NBCOT® Exam:


  • The method of Loci: This memory trick is based on the idea that you can remember places that you are familiar with.

So if you can link the information you need to remember with a place that you know very well, the location will serve as a clue that will help you remember what you need to know.


  • Using Mnemonics: This memory trick can take the form of a song, a rhyme, or a sentence that you can link in your brain to some other piece of information.


  • There are multiple types of this trick. However, the most common type is when the first letter of each word in a sentence is also the first letter that needs to be memorized. Mnemonics that can make you laugh are often the easiest to remember.


  • Sleeping on It: Studies have shown that your brain processes and stores information while you sleep.

Therefore, it could be ideal to always end the day reviewing the topic you have been studying to help retain the information.

  • Saying it Aloud: While this type of memory trick is not used often (since most people prefer studying in quiet environments), speaking rather than reading has been proven to create a more distinctive memory. This is one reason why working with a private tutor via Zoom or over the phone has proven to be highly effective

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