I don’t think I would have passed the NBCOT® exam without the help from Pass the OT. I had already failed twice. The first time, although I had studied extremely hard with Therapy Ed®, the book my school gave me, I only received a 437.

How Tutoring Sessions Can Help Prepare for the NBCOT Exam

For my second time, I used AOTA® online, but my score actually decreased to a 435. I was devastated. Because I lived in Iowa, a state where you only had 3 tries to pass the NBCOT® exam, I was so nervous because this was now my last attempt. If I didn’t pass, I would have to go back to school. I even questioned if being an occupational therapist was the right career for me.

After some convincing from a friend who had used Pass the OT and passed, I signed up for the gold package, which included the web course and 7 tutoring sessions. My tutor held me accountable, significantly helped me improve my clinical reasoning, helped me break down the questions, showed me where I was going wrong, and really worked with me to identify and improve my weakest areas. Along with providing great test taking strategies, she also helped me rebuild my confidence, kept me focused, and really motivated me.

As someone who learns by talking out loud, a lot, having a tutor, one who knows the ins and outs of the NBCOT® Exam, to talk with allowed me to determine where I was making errors in my processing. Throughout the session, I was given suggestions on how to look at exam items differently and simplify content. As a chronic overthinker, this was invaluable to me. However, the most important thing I took away from the session was the reassurance that I was on the path to finally conquering the exam. My tutor was endlessly supportive and empathetic as I explained my concerns. She validated all, and offered guidance that felt incredibly individualized. Not once did I feel like I was “just another tutoring session,” and that spoke volumes to me.

A week before my exam, both my mother and grandfather were hospitalized. Although it was incredibly stressful, my tutor kept me focused and helped me continue to believe in myself. I truly believe that those 7 tutoring sessions made it possible for me to pass with a 30 POINT increase that I needed to pass.

After speaking with other students who had used the Pass the OT program and passed, it didn’t take long for me to learn that I wasn’t alone regarding how the tutors impacted me. Nearly everyone I spoke to commented not only the individualized nature of the sessions, but how effective the tutors were at decreasing anxiety, helping decode what the question was really asking, and boosting overall confidence.

The general consensus was, that no matter how many times you have taken the exam, where you are in the study process, or what content you need help with, having a tutor is an invaluable part of one’s study plan. As someone who saw the progress first hand, I don’t have a single doubt that this is anything but true.

Because of Pass the OT, I am now working my dream job at an outpatient pediatric clinic- I can’t thank Pass the OT enough for helping me obtain my dream career.

To learn more about Pass the OT’s tutoring options, go to passtheot.com/purchase-tutoring