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Welcome to our free trial.

Because we consistently see students consistently struggle with mental health, SCI, pediatrics and hands,  we have put a lot of emphasis on these topics in our program. Our program is divided into 8 modules. It is recommended that you go through 1 module per week, but if you would like to take the NBCOT® exam faster, you can go through 2 modules per week, or just study the modules that you would like to.  You may go as quickly or as slowly as you like though each module as long as you are getting 75% on the tests.

Unlike paid members who have access to clinical simulations and timed/untimed quizzes consisting of 100 questions at the end of each week, you will only have access to a final exam at the end of module 7 as well as 10 quiz questions at the end of each module .

Please use the free trial drop down menu to access each module.

We hope this free trial gives you a better understanding of our incredibly effective methods, and look forward to helping you prep for and pass the NBCOT® exam.


Our Syllabus (A breakdown of our 8 modules)