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Studying for and taking the NBCOT Exam feels like a never-ending process full of emotions that range from helplessness to being overwhelmed. However, after not passing the first, second, or third time, those feelings are heightened tremendously. Days filled with self doubt can often become the norm and, sometimes, students can’t help but wonder if OT is really what they were meant to do. While these times of struggle can drag on, there are ways to make them as short as possible or even end them altogether, especially if you are a friend or loved one of a student going through the NBCOT Exam journey. Here are five tips to help a student going through a rough patch of study time. Read More
Studying for an exam takes preparation. Preparation for students often comes in different ways. That may mean a quiet environment, managing time, the supplies and resources... whatever it may be to reach success. This, however, is not just any exam. It is the NBCOT® exam: what occupational therapy programs have prepared students through curriculum and fieldwork experiences to pass. The question remains though -- Read More
Preparing for the NBCOT® Exam is a long, intense process. No matter how many people you talk to about study strategies, it seems like there’s always more knowledge to be discovered. It is often very hard to know where to start and when to move on. Here are seven tips I wish I knew before I started preparing for the NBCOT® Exam. Read More
I don't think I would have passed the NBCOT® exam without the help from Pass the OT. I had already failed twice. The first time, although I had studied extremely hard with Therapy Ed®, the book my school gave me, I only received a 437. Read More
The NBCOT® exam strikes fear in the hearts of occupational therapy students everywhere, and for good reason. The exam has developed a well-earned reputation for being extremely hard to pass. Why is it so tough, and what can test takers do to boost their chances for success? Let’s unpack these issues. Read More
Biggest Pitfalls Program Directors & Faculty Face Preparing Students for the NBCOT® Exam By: Victoria Guggenbiller   As a former faculty member I  had a lot of difficulty preparing my students for the NBCOT® exam.  Therefore, I decided to reach out to many  program directors at a variety of  colleges and universities to better understand the challenges they face when helping students prepare for the NBCOT® exam.  Here are some of their major complaints. Read More
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