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If you’re about to begin preparing for the NBCOT® Exam, chances are, you’re dreading the experience, and rightfully so. Can studying for this exam be fun? Not really, but at least it can be more enjoyable than it used to be. Read More
From April 19th through April 22nd, AOTA® will be taking over the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City Utah for their annual conference. Chances are, you have heard of the weekend-long event throughout your education. But if you’re like me, what exactly happens during the event has always been a bit of a mystery. Read More
Studying for the NBCOT® Exam can be a long and arduous process for anyone. Whether it's your first time going through the motions of reviewing content or your third time taking the exam, the journey is long and, at its worst, grueling. Finding the motivation to stay on task can be incredibly difficult during the lulls of the process, however, with the right tools, getting yourself out of the rabbit hole of negativity can be much easier than you think. Below are seven tips to help you when times get tough. Read More
Studying for the NBCOT® exam can be extremely difficult to do on your own. Often students feel discouraged, lost, afraid, and overwhelmed by the material which causes them to fixate on unnecessary details, over analyze, and second guess themselves. Typically, students in occupational therapy programs are high-achieving and goal-oriented independent learners. But the NBCOT® exam is not a typical final exam or chapter test. It is comprehensive. It requires students to reach out of their comfort zone, to think outside the box, and to use critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills. It also requires students to believe in their knowledge and education, to apply it to clinical situations, and to answer exactly what is being asked in an ethical and professional manner. Will there be more than one correct answer? Probably, but what is the BEST answer? Students must think which response best answers what is being asked--which one applies to the OT practice framework. Read More
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By Shannon Corcoran It’s no secret that taking the NBCOT® Exam is stressful in countless ways. Without a proper plan, studying for the OT and OTA test can be overwhelming and daunting. Between the time commitment required to prepare, the sacrifices that are inevitably made while studying, and the financial stress that comes with buying review materials and high exam fees, it often feels like the NBCOT® Exam journey is a really long dark tunnel, where some fear they may never reach the light. Read More
Studying for and taking the NBCO® Exam feels like a never-ending process full of emotions that range from helplessness to being overwhelmed. However, after not passing the first, second, or third time, those feelings are heightened tremendously. Days filled with self doubt can often become the norm and, sometimes, students can’t help but wonder if OT is really what they were meant to do. While these times of struggle can drag on, there are ways to make them as short as possible or even end them altogether, especially if you are a friend or loved one of a student going through the NBCOT® Exam journey. Here are five tips to help a student going through a rough patch of study time. Read More
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