To be fully prepared for the NBCOT® Exam, our advice is simple…….approach taking the exam as if you were preparing to enter the ultimate “Cake Boss” competition.………………………

IT”S YOU against the EXAM !!!

To be fully prepared for the competition, with the goal of winning the first time, you need to be ready for anything that could happen on the day. It may be miserable weather; you may be faced with a recipe (exam) you didn’t think would be so complicated or a wave of anxiety and self-doubt suddenly encompasses you.

Whatever the situation, here is the recipe for success:

For The Big Bake Follow This Plan
1. Spend time in the kitchen getting used to working the appliances and using the tools and ingredients needed for baking.
2. Find the best recipe book and stick to using the recipes in this book only. Too many books may confuse you and as the saying goes “too many cooks spoil the broth” which means that if too many people are “too involved in a task or activity, it will not be done well.
3. Follow the recipes as they have been written up. Remember these recipes have been tried and tested and they work. Otherwise, they would not be in a book that is still being used 10 years on.
4. Even if your “masterpieces” are not initially successful when you are practicing, keep on trying.
5. Reach out and ask for help from someone who is more experienced than you and who has gone through the same process of prepping for the competition. They can give you tips and explain to you how to use the tools in the kitchen most effectively.
6. Go into the competition knowing that you are ready, and you are going to WIN.

How this translates to using Pass the OT (PTOT) as a recipe to passing the exam on your first and hopefully only attempt.

For The Big Exam Follow This Plan
1. Become familiar with how the PTOT program works.
2. PTOT has a winning formula that has worked for thousands of students. The program consists of 8 structured modules to help keep you organized and to make studying easier for you. PTOT is the only resource you need.

3. Use the study plans that have been worked out for you. They are flexible and can be changed to meet your needs. You can base your individual study plan on the results of the Assessment Quiz in the PTOT Introduction. This helps you identify in which topics you have sound knowledge and which topics you still need to master.
4. There are assessment quizzes at the beginning of each module to help you gauge how well you know certain topics. This is followed by using our multimodal learning material (worksheets, audios and videos) to help you understand the topics which are in that module. And finally, there is an exam at the end of each module to guide you if you should move on to the next module or if you need to revise this module once again.
5. Reach out to a tutor. All our tutors are experienced and have been through the same situation as you are finding yourself in.
6. Be prepared for the big day of the exam. Don’t focus on what other competitors (students) are doing around you. All that matters is you and your determination to be a winner. Before arriving at the venue, meditate, have a positive attitude and take control of any anxiety you may have.

The main key to success is ultimately The Right Recipe & Practice. Practice. Practice.

Best of luck. You can do this!!!