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On your journey, you will be given 3 items to help you get to your destination, where you will be given information that is vital for your future.

The items are a map, a very helpful family eager to help you and finally the secret code.


ROUTE INFO – Australia to USA











ACL FAMILY – each member is here to help you 










1. Carefully follow the written instructions for each boarding pass.

2. The ACL family are the only people you can trust.
There are 6 family members and each member has a unique skill.
To prevent any confusion when trying to recall each member’s name, they have each been assigned a specific number (from 1 to 6), to make it easier for you to identify them. They will help you find the passengers whom you are looking for. Once you have found the passenger, record the identification of the ACL member who helped you. E.g. If you need to find the passenger who is wandering aimlessly around the airplane, the ACL 2 will be the only one who can help you locate that passenger. Therefore, you will only have to record the number “2”.

3. Once you have identified which ACL member/members have helped you in your quest, working out simple equations will be necessary because ultimately, obtaining a “boarding pass” can only be achieved by having a correct number or sequence of numbers.

4. Write down every answer to every boarding pass and keep these numbers separately. It is imperative to keep your all your boarding passes up until the very end. Once you have reached your final destination, your boarding passes are the key to unlocking the secret message that is crucial for your future.


First Quest















Second Quest



Third Quest


Fourth Quest




Final Quest



Your journey has ended


Now to decipher the message, write down all the numbers that you have accumulated from each boarding pass. The table below can be used to help you organize the numbers so that you can easily decrypt the message by correlating each number with the corresponding letter of the alphabet.






Thanks for playing the ACL ULTIMATE RACE



FYI: Here are the Answers to each Quest.

Quest 1


Quest 2


Quest 3


Quest 4




Final Journey