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5 Foolproof and 6 Simple Steps 

How to Get Every Question Right – 2 methods to choose from, whichever works for you.


5 Foolproof Steps

Read the question carefully

Answer Choices


 Getting to the answer should be simple.

1. When I look at every answer choice, I realize they are all related to: 
What is the common theme about the answer choices

2. Information we know about the patient:
What do you know about the patient in this scenario?

3. We can conclude that the answer needs to address: 
What is the question asking specifically asking you?

4. Looking at our options:

When I look at the answer A:  

When I look at the answer B: 

When I look at the answer C: 

When I look at the answer D: 


5. Cross referencing the question to this answer, we know it relates to: 





6 Simple Steps

Simply fill in the blanks or write it down on your whiteboard and remember the mnemonic:



Step 1. (R)ead the question carefully.


Step 2. (W)here is the question at in the OT process?


Step 3. (D)Disease or Diagnosis-What is the patient’s disease or diagnosis? Is the disease progressive or non-progressive?


Step 4. (P) Problem- What is the patient’s problem? What is the patient’s level or performance or function? What symptoms are they experiencing? What are their goals?


Step 5. (B)What is in Bold or Caps (ex. next) -What is the question specifically asking? If no bold or caps, what would you highlight as being essential to answering the question?


Step 6. (A)Is your answer addressing the problem/question/goals? Is this answer ethical, safe for my patient, patient centered, occupation based and purposeful?