Those who have been reading this blog and following my articles may or may not know that it took me three times to pass the NBCOT® Exam. While I certainly credit part of my success to a change in perspective and taking better care of myself mentally and physically, switching from Therapy Ed®to Pass the OT was, without a doubt, the critical step in my eventual, and long overdue completion of my occupational therapy degree.

To say that I am thankful for the work Stephanie Shane and company have put into creating a dynamic, well-rounded program that helps students of all learning styles pass the NBCOT® Exam is an understatement. This program changed my life and I believe it can change others’ lives as well. Here’s why:

Pass the OT caters to all learning styles:  Like most students, choosing just one specific way of studying doesn’t do it for me. For example, on some days, I couldn’t learn content by writing it over and over again to save my life. Pass the OT made it easy to manage that type of problem. Rather than being left to my own devices, I was able to absorb the content through quizzes and audio recordings, toying with concepts until I fully understood them.

The exam tutors:When I discovered Pass the OT, I was at a low place in my academic life. I had just failed the NBCOT® Exam twice, and I was doubting everything I was doing. The first thing I did with Pass the OT was get a tutor to jumpstart my studying. While I didn’t need help with specific subject areas, my tutor ensured me that I was on the right track, giving me tons of confidence and encouragement to keep me motivated along the way. The best part was knowing that if I ended up having a hard time with any specific subject matter, I could always purchase another session and get the help I needed.

Pass the OT breaks exam content down into manageable pieces: Growing up, I always had a book in my hand. I often got in trouble for reading during my high school classes instead of paying attention. What I don’t like to read, though, is a book filled with a lot of extra information that the NBCOT® Exam will never cover. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened when I used Therapy Ed®. Pass the OT eliminates all of the unnecessary content, picking out only the most important stuff. Yet the program simultaneously provides exam takers with the skills needed to problem solve should they run into any unexpected content on the National Board Certified Occupational Therapist Exam.

Pass the OT has giant question banks with questions that actually resemble the NBCOT®’s Exam: Chances are, you’ve heard the NBCOT® Exam motto – “If you can get an 80% on Therapy Ed, you’ll pass the actual exam.” In a nutshell, that means that Therapy Ed is way harder than the actual test.  I get it. That’s good for some students, but for others, not so much. Why should someone take a practice test that’s harder than the actual exam when they can take one that much more closely resembles it instead?

No book to lug around: As a traditionalist, I have always loved a good hardcover novel. A soft cover review book that weighs nearly as much as I do?  I’ll pass. Having the study database right on my computer made the bike rides to coffee shops and libraries much less fatiguing. It also made the process of studying so much easier. It’s 2018 – who isn’t within 100 feet of their phones or computers at any moment?