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Tutor Kate
Tutor Jessica C
Tutor Siona
Tutor Stephanie- Founder
Jeff Shane
Heather Finnegan
Tutor Marget
Jenna M
Group Call
Tutor Chukwuma
Cory H
Tucker Wrights
Test T
Emily G
Tutor Angela
Tutor Kayla Kalbfell
Erika Williams
Dr. Steph, OTD, OTR (Stephanie Capshaw)
Rahul J

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Tutor explained material clearly
Tutor was a good listener
Tutor was empathetic
My tutor was organized and kept me engaged
Because of my tutor, I have a better understanding of the material
My tutoring session was valuable

  • A great deal better
  • Quite a bit better
  • Somewhat better
  • About the same
  • Somewhat worse
  • Quite a bit worse
  • A great deal worse
  • Don't know