Common mistakes students make when they don’t pass

Because we have helped so many students who could not pass, many who have exhausted all the other study preps including AOTA® Online, NBCOT Study Pack, Therapy Ed, the Purple Book, and True Learn, we have seen the mistakes that students constantly make which result in them not passing. They are listed below:

  • Having blind spots in their understanding of the
  • Being overwhelmed by too much study material and not knowing the proper material to study
  • Using study material that does not fit best to their
    learning style
  • Not being organized and focused in their
  • Doing the same thing as before and hoping for a different
  • Trying to memorize questions/answers instead of understanding the clinical applications behind the questions
  • Taking cumulative exams without spending proper time to review their wrong answers and understand why they got those
    answers wrong
  • Not recognizing the actual costs of not