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Pass The OT – Reviews & Testimonials

My first time I studied with the newest TherapyEd® book and failed by 12 points. . Luckily, I then found Passtheot.com and passed by 14 points! That’s a 26 point difference from just a month and a half ago!! Their easy to understand charts, audio recordings, and tough quiz questions made all the difference. ~E Scholise OT July 26, 2016 (used silver package)

PasstheOT was a phenomenal course that I can’t say enough good things about. After taking the NBCOT® exam for the second time, PasstheOT helped me to increase my score by 40 points! With their charts, diagrams, videos, audios and handouts, I started to feel more confident in my learning after completing just the second module. I went from cramming and feeling overwhelmed with TherapyEd® to actually learning and applying my information with the Pass the OT. ~ B Coleman OT Aug. 25, 2016 (used bronze package)

The very first multiple choice question on my exam discussed a diagnosis I had never heard of until your program. The whole test seemed to go that way. You covered the right material to a tee!! I hope every student knows about this program. It is because of you that I passed on my first try. ~C Moore OTA Nov. 27, 2016 (used OTA web course)

I cannot thank you enough! After trying AOTA® online, Therapy ED®, and NBCOT® and not passing I was ready to give up. Thank god a friend recommended you. This time I got a 476.! With you. I felt way more confident and I did not question myself after each question. I do not think I could have done this without all your amazing help and dedication. ~J. Lee OT Nov 18, 2016 (Used gold package)

ot examUsing using Pass the OT was the best decision I made. I had failed my test twice before by 12 then 13 points. I didn’t know what to do or what information I was missing in order for me to pass. I had heard of Pass the OT before and was skeptical at first but then decided to go for it because I had nothing else to loose. The audios, Sara and Stephanie were excellent and I passed on my third try. My score increased 36 points and I couldn’t not be happier to call myself an OT!J Bessagio OT Dec 23, 2016 (Used Silver Package)

Oh my god I went from a 445 to a 478. Pass the OT not only helped me better understand and organize the material without feeling overwhelmed, but your tutor, KIm, was extremely beneficial. She helped me with test strategy, breaking down the questions, and just her support gave me the confidence that I so badly needed after failing twice before. THANK YOU for developing such an amazing program. Although there are other resources out there, I would recommend this program to anyone before using any other resource ~ Jessica – OT Dec 22, 2016 (Silver Package)

R Weidman OTI found your program to be a wonderful and effective study tool. The information provided was well organized and really highlighted what we needed to know for the exam. My exam score improved from 448 to 515 with my second attempt. I wish I had known about your program earlier! Thank you again!~R Weidman – OT Nov. 18 2016

D Goldstein OTThank you so very much to both you and Sarah for your program and time and effort. You obviously have a great program and one that WORKS. Your individualized tutoring program is the best out there for individuals who need help focusing their attention on specific areas and Sarah was amazing. She was patient and clear in her explanations. I got a 440 the first time I took the exam and got a 481 this time with PasstheOT! I get to keep my job which I have wanted for so long because of your help! I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone. It was worth every cent. Thank you again! D Goldstein OT Dec. 24. 2016 (Used silver package)

kp OTPass the OT helped me to focus on what was most important to know for the exam. Between the modules, charts, videos, and audio recordings, I was able to learn through a variety of ways which made my studying a lot more manageable. Pass the OT knew which topics were important, and because their audio recording gave me intervention ideas, which helped build my clinical perspective. I also learned the importance of how to read a question for what it was really asking based off the diagnosis, setting, OT process, etc. Regardless of what method one uses to study for the NBCOT®, I would highly recommend using Pass the OT. K. Prencavage OT November 14, 2016 (used OT web course)

Jones OTI just wanted to let you both know that I passed my board exam on the 1st try with the help of PassTheOT!!! I’m so grateful I discovered your web course and I really found the tutoring session with Sarah incredibly valuable! ~ C Jones OT Aug. 25, 2016 (used bronze package)

C Berataut OT Thanks to Pass The OT, I passed the NBCOT® exam on my first try with flying colors. When I first started studying on my own I just felt overwhelmed: I felt the AOTA Online® study program was too basic and the Therapy Ed® program was overwhelming. Pass The OT, with their 8 week study structure, was just right. Their tutor was supportive, knowledgeable, gave me strategies to guide my studying, and helped me understand answers to the most complicated questions. C Berataut OT September 17. 2016 (used silver package)