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Testing Primitive Reflexes 


Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex


Babinski Reflex
Sucking & Rooting
Grasp Reflex
Parachute reflex
Neck Righting

This newborn reflex is elicited by holding the newborn in ventral suspension (face down) and run a finger down one side of the spine. The normal reaction is for the newborn to laterally flex toward the side that was stroked.






Forms the bridge from lying to crawling on hands and knees. In addition STNR helps the child develop near/far fixation. With head and arms extended (STNR Extended) the child can fixate on far away objects. Head down with legs extended ( STNR Flexion) the child has a near fixation.




Tonic Labyrinthe Reflex (TLR)

The child’s first response to the forces of gravity. This reflex is seen when moving the child’s head in towards their body (position in utero) causes the arms and legs to also move in. Extension of the head above/below the spine causes extension of the arms and legs. By 6 months of age this is modified so the child will develop head control through oculomotor and head-righting reflexes.

Head Righting Reflexes (Ocular and Labyrinthine Head Righting Reflexes)



Retained Primitive Reflexes


How Does Crawling Develop?