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How to Make a Testimonial Video

Thank you for your interest in making a testimonial video for our program.  There is no better way for other program directors and faculty to understand the impact our program can have, than by hearing it from one of their peers.

Steps to make the video!
  1. Most modern smartphones have high-quality video cameras, so you can just set up the phone on a desk or table, in landscape mode (horizontal), and then just hit record.
  2. Tell us what you liked about Pass the OT and why you think it was effective in helping your students Pass the NBCOT® exam
  3. Tell us why you think Pass the OT is a superior study preparation tool to other study preparation tools that are available  (optional)
  4. Don’t worry if you record yourself turning on or off the camera.  We will edit down the clip accordingly.
  5. Keep the video around a minute or less.
  6. Upload Video using the following Link: Dropbox Link

If you have any further questions, you can always email jshane@passtheot.com.

Example Testimonials (From Students)

Other Testimonial Samples (Written):