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OTA Web Course Introduction – Program Director

Welcome to Pass the OT, the most effective study preparation tool for the NBCOT® exam.  Since our sites’ inception in 2013, we at Pass the OT have tirelessly worked to provide the most efficient and effective study prep for OT and OTA students taking the NBCOT® exam.  Through our college partnerships and our individual sign ups, we have helped well over 2000 students from more than 175 colleges and universities worldwide.  We have now also partnered with close to 20 universities and colleges.

Our program is set up holistically, to keep your students organized, help them build their confidence, and assist them with studying smarter and being more prepared for the actual NBCOT® exam while at the same time making it easier for you to hold them accountable with tools such as timed midterms and finals, detailed scoring overviews, monitoring for all page activity, logins and tutor session booking, quick alerts, and real-time support.

It is also a direct result of the students who were fed up with the existing study preps out there that just didn’t work. Because we have seen so many students make common mistakes like being a generalist instead of specialist, not studying according to their learning style, trying memorize answers, and taking practice exams again and again without fully understanding the material,  we have built our program in stark contrast to our competitors’ programs which often lack structure, are overwhelming , don’t provide enough examples of interventions, solely provide questions, and don’t pay attention to the  individual needs the student.We look forward to you partnering with us and to helping make this the last time your students take the NBCOT® exam.

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(This video is shown to all OT & OTA Students)

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What is Included with Our Program

8 structured easy to use modules with:

  • 1600 timed/untimed questions with rationale
  • 18 hours of audio lessons
  • 30 charts, 40 videos, games and game on all key topics
  • Assessment test with strengths and weaknesses analysis
  • Mini Quizzes that are broken into 25 Key Topics
  • Final comprehensive exam, Accommodation quizzes.
  • Highlighted study material, Clinical simlulations.
  • Accessible via  mobile, tablet,  laptop or desktop
  • Tutoring may be purchased to supplement program

Tools To Monitor & Hold Your Students Accountable

  • Timed Midterm and Cumulative Final Exam
  • Strengths and Weakness Assesment for each student
  • Learning Style Assessment
  • Scoring Overview
  • Individual Score Drilldown
  • Login, Page Activity, & Tutor Session Tracking
  • Quick Alerts When Your Student Scores Poory
  • Performance Tracking on the NBCOT® Exam
  • Group Tutoring Calls May Be Purchased to Supplement Program

Ways To Implement Our Program

One Hour Tutoring via Skype/Phone (Optional Purchase)

One-on-One Tutoring

  • Improves your students critical thinking and learn the correct intervention
  • Teaches your students to break down the questions
  • Reduces test anxiety & increases your students confidence
  • Provides a proper gage when your students are ready to take the exam
  • Allows students to book their time and date through our online booking system

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Group Tutoring (Maximum of 5 students per call)

  • Give your  students the opportunity to ask in-depth questions
  • Provide Your students strategies on how to conceptualize information
  • Help your students explore points of confusion that cannot be fully addressed in class
  • Improve your students clinical reasoning skills
  • Impart your students with a better understanding on how to prepare for the NBCOT® exam

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All tutors are licensed OT’s or OTA’s with an excellent track record

Our Assessments

Learning Profile Quiz:

Everyone learns differently, and everyone approaches tests differently.   Knowing the learning style that works best for you can be extremely helpful and it can make your student’s studying much more efficient.  

 Assessment Tests: 

We have found that students waste a lot of time studying material they already know and leave studying material that they don’t fully understand until right before their exam.  It is easier to study material that you are strong at, so that tends to happen. Unfortunately, all the other study preps do not provide a system that allows students to do this.  This causes students to waste valuable study time and have glaring weaknesses that they are unaware of until after they take this exam.  Therefore, we encourage all of your students to start by taking an initial assessment test to obtain a solid baseline when they start our course.  This also allows you to better evaluate the improvement your students made after going through our course.

OTA Assessment Test 100 Questions

You have 2 hours to complete this exam. To best simulate exam conditions, you will not be able to save and go back to your quiz until it is completed