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Printing Agreement

This is an agreement between Pass the OT LLC (“Owner”) and (“Student”) dated on 02-06-2023

(“Student”) understands that (“Owner”) does not allow students to print out material from its website, passtheot.com.

However, because of (“Student’s) hardship, Owner has agreed to permit (“Student”) to print out material contained in Study Material PDF Drop Box” for its sole use.

(“Student”) agrees to not disclose to any other student, professor, or program director or anyone else that Pass the OT is allowing student access to its “Study Material PDF Drop Box” the fact that Pass the OT is allowing an exception to their printing policy

(“Student”) agrees not to share, distribute, or post any of the material provided to “Student” contained in the “Study Material PDF Drop Box”. without Pass the OT’s written authorization.

(“Student”) agrees not to leave printed materials or digital files of printed materials in any public areas including schools and libraries

(“Student”) agrees to destroy and or delete all material included in “Study Material PDF Drop Box” after student has passed the exam or student’s membership at Pass the OT has expired

If (“Student”) violates this agreement, (“Student”) shall be liable for all damages including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees and court costs.

I agree to the above agreement.

Dated 02-06-2023