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Steps for Effective System

Module Two

This week focuses on: Pediatric Conditions and Interventions, Pediatric Development, Pediatric Reflexes, and IE

Module Assesment Quiz

Please take this assesment quiz, so that you know which study material you should focus on the most. You should study the areas you scored the poorest first and proceed to your best areas last. For paid members this test is a 100 questions or more.

Module 2 OTA New

Module 2 OTA New

We highly recommend that you take a screen shot of your score and results If you are a student enrolled though our program by your school or if you want to make sure that your quiz scores are saved.

Study materialStudy Materials

To streamline studying, we have highlighted our most recommended material. If you are limited on time, please review this material first.

Study material PassTheOT Educational Video – Sensory Integration

Study material Quizzes

If you are short on time or if you would like to take condensed quiz please go to module 7, where you can take quizzes by category

Module 2 OTA Timed

You should try and spend no more than 2:00 per question

If you do not receive above 75% or better on this exam. it is highly recommended that you sign up for a personal tutoring session immediately before taking the actual NBCOT® exam. A personal tutor can significantly help you better understand any problem areas, and do not want to take the actual exam if you have any problem areas. It will significantly jeopardize you from passing.