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Module Seven OTA

This week is an overall Review with a focus on: Pediatrics, Hands, ACL, Mental Health, Adaptive Equipment, etc. Questions found in these category quizzes are duplicates from the first six modules.

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Pep Talk before the Exam

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  • Domain 1 OT Quiz(76 qns.)

  • Domain 1 OTA Quiz(52 qns.)

  • Domain 2 OT Quiz(85 qns.)

  • Domain 2 OTA Quiz(64 qns.)

  • Domain 3 OT Quiz(50 qns.)

  • Domain 3 OTA Quiz(53 qns.)

  • Domain 4 OT Quiz(62 qns.)

  • Mod 6: ACL(162 qns.)

  • Mod 5: Adaptive equipment and assistive technology(33 qns.)

  • Mod 4: Aging in Place & other diseases:(36 qns.)

  • Mod 4: Burns(27 qns.)

  • Mod 3: CHF/Met Levels(28 qns.)

  • Mod 3: COPD(14 qns.)

  • Mod 5: Community rehab, vocational rehab, driver's rehab and ergonomics(15 qns.)

  • Mod 1: Frame of Reference and Models(37 qns.)

  • Mod 6: Groups and group dynamics(54 qns.)

  • Mod 4: Hip and knee replacements(17 qns.)

  • Mod 2: IEP(17 qns.)

  • Mod 3: Musculoskeletal Conditions & Interventions(117 qns.)

  • Mod 5: Neurological Conditions & Interventions(132 qns.)

  • Mod 1: OT Process, Professional Standards & Ethics: (145 qns.)

  • Mod 1: OT and OTA:(19 qns.)

  • Module 6 Mental Health Clinical Simulation(29 qns.)
    Module 1 Ethics Clinical Simulation(38 qns.)
    Module 3 Hands Clinical Simulation (23 qns.)
    Module 4 Neurological Sim.(36 qns.)
    Mod 1: OTR Clinical Simulation (0 qns.)

  • Mod 2: Pediatric conditions and interventions(138 qns.)

  • Mod 2: Pediatric development(42 qns.)

  • Mod 2: Pediatric reflexes(19 qns.)

  • Mod 3: Physical agent modalities(25 qns.)

  • Mod 4: Prosthetics/amputations(16 qns.)

  • Mod 6: Psychosocial Conditions & Interventions(218 qns.)

  • Mod 1: Research & Statistics(31 qns.)

  • Mod 4: Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)(51 qns.)

  • Mod 4: Traumatic brain injury and Rancho Levels(33 qns.)

  • Mod 4: Vision Interventions(38 qns.)

  • Mod 5: Wheelchair, mobility and building standards(47 qns.)
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