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Welcome to Pass the OT, the most effective study preparation tool for the NBCOT® exam.  Since our sites’ inception in 2013, we at Pass the OT have tirelessly worked to provide the most efficient and effective study prep for OT and OTA students taking the NBCOT® exam.  Through our college partnerships and our individual sign ups, we have helped well over 2000 students from more than 175 colleges and universities worldwide.  We have now also partnered with close to 20 universities and colleges.

Our Program Includes

  • 1800 timed/untimed questions with rationale
  • 30 charts, 40 videos, and games on all key topics
  • Assessment test with strengths and weaknesses analysis
  • Mini-quizzes that are broken into 25 Key Topics
  • Final comprehensive exam, Accommodation quizzes.
  • Highlighted study material, Clinical simlulations.
  • Accessible via mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop
  • Tutoring may be purchased to supplement program