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One Hour Tutoring via Skype/Phone (Optional Purchase)

One-on-One Tutoring

  • Improves your students critical thinking and learn the correct intervention
  • Teaches your students to break down the questions
  • Reduces test anxiety & increases your students confidence
  • Provides a proper gage when your students are ready to take the exam
  • Allows students to book their time and date through our online booking system

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Group Tutoring (Maximum of 5 students per call)

  • Give your  students the opportunity to ask in-depth questions
  • Provide Your students strategies on how to conceptualize information
  • Help your students explore points of confusion that cannot be fully addressed in class
  • Improve your students clinical reasoning skills
  • Impart your students with a better understanding on how to prepare for the NBCOT® exam

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All tutors are licensed OT’s or OTA’s with an excellent track record