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Module Eight

This week is an overall Review with a focus on pediatrics, hands, ACL, mental health, vocational rehabilitation, adaptive equipment, etc.

This week will consists of final timed exams. Just like the real exam, the answers will not be provided until the end of the exam.

If you are working with a personal tutor, please do not review this exam with her since the questions on this test are chosen randomly from modules 1 – 7.

Also, we will discuss exam prep on the day of the exam as well as techniques to reduce exam anxiety.

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Stephanie’s pep talk before the exam:

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During a group call, the first 30 minutes will be focused on content and the last 30 minutes will be dedicated to answering questions. There will be an emphasis on critical thinking, strategies to help you break down questions and rationalize interventions.

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OT Final Exam Timed

Final Exam

Untimed OTR® Final Exam including Clinical Simulations

This is a final exam that is not timed.

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