facebook Study Guide For NBCOT® Exam | OTA Module One - Pass The OT

Module One

Meditation for Better Scores

Use this meditation to reduce test anxiety, increase your confidence, and calm your nerves.

Study mindfulness meditation

Online Tutoring

Title of Audio/Zoom Video Worksheet/Powerpoint

Frame of Reference and Ethics Group Call with Tutor Marget

Module 1 Review (FOR and Ethics) Group Call Worksheet with Marget, with answers

Mindfulness Meditation- Mental Training

Mindfulness Meditation- Solving problems

Guided meditation to getting a passing score of 450

Research and Statistical Terminology

Module 1 Tutoring Call with Tutor Erika- Understanding Interventions

Module 1 Group Call with Tutor Marget

Module 1 Group Call with Tutor Marget- 2

Domain 3 OTR® Group Call with Jessica

Domain 3 Group Call Worksheet with Jessica, with answers 

Domain 2 OTR® Breakdown Group Call with Tutor Jessica

Domain 2 Group Call Worksheet with Jessica, with answers,

Domain 1 COTA® Group Call with Tutor Chukwuma

Domain 1 Group Call with Chukwuma


It is recommended to watch 3-5 YouTube videos on each topic. Here are some that I recommend.

Suggested Resources:


If you are short on time or if you would like to take condensed quiz please go to module 7, where you can take quizzes by category

Module 1 OTA Assessment

Week 1 Quiz

Each question you answer will turn green in the question overview box.If you want to review a question, click on the question in the overview box, and click on the review question box. It should turn orange.

When you are done taking the quiz, click quiz summary and then click finish quiz. The program will then ask you if you want to review questions or restart. If you restart, you will not be able to review the questions. However, the quiz questions should show up in the same order next time so that you can review the questions you got wrong easily. Just write them down somewhere so that you can quickly find them.

If you do not receive above 75% or better on this exam. it is highly recommended that you sign up for a personal tutoring session immediately before taking the actual NBCOT® exam. A personal tutor can significantly help you better understand any problem areas, and do not want to take the actual exam if you have any problem areas. It will significantly jeopardize you from passing.