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Module Five

This week focuses on: Neurological Conditions & Interventions, Wheelchair, Mobility, Building Standards, Community Rehab, Vocational Rehab, Driver’s Rehab, Ergonomics, Adaptive Equipment, and Assistive Technology

Study Materials:

To streamline studying, we have highlighted our most recommended material. If you are limited on time, please review this material first.

Online Tutoring 

Title of Audio/Zoom Video Worksheet/Powerpoint

Wheelchairs Group Tutoring Call with Tutor Stephanie

Please note: The max height an OT should recommend for the service counter of a pharmacy store is 36 inches (and not 31 inches).

CVA Interventions

Neurodegenerative and Neuromuscular Disorders

Motor Control Approaches Group Call with Tutor Stephanie

Neurodegenerative Diseases Group Call with Tutor Jessica

CVA and Neurodegenerative Disorders Group Call with Tutor Erika

Groups- Group Tutoring Call with Tutor Stephanie

Neuro Group Call with Tutor Melissa

CVA and Apraxia Terms Group Call with Tutor Jessica C

CVA Group Call with Jessica C, with answers

CVA Group Call with Tutor Cory

CVA Group Call Powerpoint with Cory

Non-Traditional Practice Settings Group Call with Tutor Jessica- Part A

Non-Traditional Practice Settings Group Call with Tutor Jessica- Part B

Non-Traditional Practice Settings Group Call with Jessica


It is recommended you watch 3-5 YouTube videos on each topic. Here are some that I recommend.

Suggested Resources:

1 hour sessions via Zoom/Phone

Study materialPrivate Tutoring

If you score under 75% on a timed exam in this module, we recommend that you use a private tutoring session. A private tutoring session will help you with the following

  • Improve critical thinking
  • Learn the correct interventions
  • Deal with test anxiety
  • Students Avg. a 6 point increase with each private tutoring session
  • Thoroughly understand complex material
  • Students with 4 sessions or more have over a 90% passing rate

Free Weekly Group Calls Included For All Active Members

(Free trial members also have access to one group call)

Upcoming Group Calls

During a group call, the first 30 minutes will be focused on content and the last 30 minutes will be dedicated to answering questions. There will be an emphasis on critical thinking, strategies to help you break down questions and rationalize interventions.


If you are short on time or if you would like to take condensed quiz please go to module 7, where you can take quizzes by category

Module 5 OT Assessment

Module 5 OTR® Quiz

We highly recommend that you take a screen shot of your score and results If you are a student enrolled though our program by your school or if you want to make sure that your quiz scores are saved.