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Radial Nerve Ulnar Nerve Median Nerve
Tests Extension of elbow, wrist and fingers Wartenberg’s sign: Little finger in persistent abduction due to weak third palmar interosseous muscle

** Wartenberg’s Sign refers to the slightly greater abduction of the fifth digit, due to paralysis of the abducting palmar interosseous muscle and unopposed action of the radial innervated extensor muscles (digiti minimi, digitorum communis ). This should not be confused with Wartenberg’s Syndrome which is described as the entrapment of the superficial branch of the radial nerve with only sensory manifestations and no motor deficits.

Froment’s sign: The thumb flexes at the interphalangeal joint while pinching a piece of paper to compensate for a weak adductor pollicis muscle.


OK sign: Inability make an “O.K.” sign, as flexion of the IP joint of the thumb and the distal IP joint of the index finger are impaired.
Anterior interosseous nerve is a motor branch of the median nerve.

Phalen test: Both Phalen test and Reverse Phalen’s tests are considered positive when the patient’s symptoms are reproduced, test gives the same symptoms as that experienced with carpal tunnel syndrome, namely paresthesia (burning, tingling, numbness) in the distribution of the median nerve.



Carpal tunnel syndrome | Tinel’s sign and Phalen’s sign

OK sign

Hand Deformities Wrist drop Claw hand deformity

Partial/Incomplete Claw hand- Involves only ulnar 2 digits as in isolated ulnar nerve palsy

Ape hand deformity

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