Want to Improve Your Test Score? Tutoring May Help

By Janet Meydam

Are you one of those individuals who can complete a 200 question test in 30 minutes? Do you get at least a 90% score every time? No? Most of us can’t do that. The majority of test takers study for long periods of time beforehand and take as much examination time as they need to ensure that they have answered questions correctly. Being prepared for an exam is really important, especially when your career relies on it. The NBCOT® Exam might be the most vital exam you will ever take. It might feel like there is such a great amount of information to cram into your head before the exam that you don’t know how you will learn it all! Initially, be assured that you have already learned the vast majority of it through your college courses. Some pre-examination tutoring, however, can facilitate you to sort out what you know and apply that information to the examination questions. Here are a few points about pre-examination tutoring that you might need to consider.

Research Shows That Tutoring Improves Test Scores
A review distributed in Assessment in Education in 2015 uncovered that tutoring contributed significantly to higher SAT scores for high school students. This study showed that individual tutoring sessions resulted in higher test scores than group tutoring sessions. Starting preparation for occupational therapy test early and spreading tutoring sessions out over a longer period of time before the examination also correlated significantly with higher test scores.

Tutoring Helps to Reduce Test Anxiety
If you are just plain scared to take this examination, a tutor can help you prepare test taking strategies to reduce your anxiety. A tutor will help you to develop organizational and learning strategies to facilitate you keep the information you know sorted out in your brain during testing. He or she will also help you to practice logical methods to reason out the answers to questions you can’t answer right away, including ruling out certain answers and taking a step by step approach to determining the best answer to a question.

A Tutor Will Show You What You Already Know
As I mentioned earlier, you already know most of the material on the exam. What you may not know is how the examination questions apply your knowledge to real-life occupational therapy scenarios. A tutor will help you to deconstruct the questions and use your clinical reasoning skills to sequentially arrive at the best possible answer.

In addition, if you are weak in a practice area, a tutor can help you to identify the information you need to review and study before the examination. This will facilitate you to make the most of your preparation time for OT Exam as you will be able to focus on the information you do not know well, rather than trying to study absolutely everything. A tutor will help you to identify and prioritize this information by providing OT web course study material.

The NBCOT® exam is the last step in your formal occupational therapy education, and it is an important one. Make sure you make the most of your exam preparation time. Utilize the resources available to you and, if you are still nervous or feel you need extra help, consider hiring a tutor for NBCOT® exam to help you through the process.