The alarming acceleration of the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide has forced providers of education – whether they are schools, colleges, universities or other organizations – to rethink how they deliver courses. In the wake of this pandemic, OT schools have faced growing challenges as they have been forced to teach a very “wired”—and more and more “wireless”—generation of students, using technology that is evolving every day.

Pass the OT was fortunately prepared for this unprecedented change, to predominantly online learning. Being an established online learning platform, our students were prepared for this transition from learning offline to online.

Pass the OT is geared toward the Millenial and Generation Z students.
On average, students who are studying for the OT or OTA exam spend 6.5 hours each day saturated in print, digital and broadcast media. They listen to and record music; view, create and publish Internet content; play video games; watch television shows; talk on mobile phones and instant message every day.


Generally, these young people share the following characteristics:

They like to be in control
Millennials do not want to be bound by traditional schedules, and they do not necessarily want to sit in a classroom to learn or in an office to work. Instead, they prefer to use technology to study at any time of the day or night, telecommute from anywhere in the world and define “balance” in their own individual ways.
They like choice
In project-based environments, Millennials use technology to complete tasks in new and creative ways. Their need for alternative methods to complete tasks presents challenges when using traditional measurements to define productivity.
They are group-oriented and social
Relentlessly exposed to the world via the media, Millennials constantly network socially. In person, they travel in packs, shopping and playing together. They expect the internet to support their learning and do what they need it to do.

This is the reason why Pass the OT is such a valuable platform to help students study for their NBCOT® exam. Pass the OT incorporates different multimedia methods of learning through audio recordings, video clips, pictures & diagrams and highlighted text. This webcourse allows students to study when they want or when they can while providing a student oriented platform that is specifically centered towards their needs. The important relationship between student and teacher is also fostered through our one:one tutoring , and the support of peer learning is offered through our group tutoring.