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Luann, a 62-year old former camp counselor who has been deaf-blind for 10 years, is
living in a group home. Currently, she has been displaying signs of cognitive decline,
decreased participation in tasks, and decreased safety. However, she demonstrates
motor and processing skills within functional limits to perform BADLs and her own
laundry tasks. She wants to continue to age in place as she cherishes the relationships
she has built with the residents and staff. What would be MOST IMPORTANT to
educate the staff to ensure Luann actively participates in more complex tasks while
maintaining safety in her environment?
a. Train the patient in use of adaptive equipment to participate in window cleaning
b. Implement tactile leisure activities such as seated gardening tasks
c. Teach the staff cueing strategies to perform simple, hot-meal prep with breakfast only
d. Set up an alarm system throughout the home that limits entry to unsafe areas
Answer: b) Seated gardening tasks engages the patient in using her intact senses
and places her safely in the outdoors, where she has enjoyed in the past, while
participating in group home chores. a) Patient does not show decreased range of
motion for reaching overhead areas. She would benefit with using her hands and
cleaning cloths instead. c) This task limits her to engage in meal prep to only
certain times of the day. The environment could be modified with cueing
strategies in place to ensure safety for meal prep. d) The patient is familiar with
the environment and can use tactile markers to navigate her environment safely.

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