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A 20 year-old adult diagnosed with general anxiety disorder is currently attending OT in an outpatient mental health facility. He has a history of living in foster homes since the age of 12 years and recently obtained his high school equivalency test (HSET). He has informed the OT that he would like to attend a technical vocational school in another city. The OT asks the OTA to collect information regarding this patient’s leisure and social participation. What questions would be beneficial to ask the patient in order to build his occupational profile? Choose the best 3 answers.
=> Is there any one activity you enjoy doing the most?
=> What activities do you do in your spare time with your friends or family?
=> How anxious do you feel about being on your own?
=> How do your biological parents feel about your decision to move?
=> What preferred activities will you be unable to do once you move to a new city?
=> Are there particular activities that you choose to do but won’t do because others will think they are boring?

A, B and E. When building an occupational profile, an OT typically establishes what the patient’s life experiences are; what occupations the patient feels successful in; what barriers are affecting his success; his patterns of engagement in occupations and how they have changed over time. https://www.aota.org/~/media/Corporate/Files/Practice/Manage/Documentation/AOTA-Occupational-Profile-Template.pdf

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Agree with A,B, and E to be the best choices.

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