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About Us

Pass the OT offers the most effective and affordable study prep for the NBCOT® exam.  Since launching in June of 2013, our web course and one-on-one personal tutoring via Skype/phone has helped over 1500 students pass the occupational therapy test (NBCOT® exam).   In addition to the most extensive online course available, Pass the OT prides itself on our passionate and dedicated tutors, each being instrumental in helping our students pass the NBCOT® exam through their one-on-one sessions.

About Our Web Course

Our web course is broken down into 8 modules consisting of the key topics that are most often seen on the exam. In each module, there are audio recordings, easy-to-understand charts, and practice quizzes with over 900 timed/untimed questions.  Each module can be completed in one week, but some students prefer to complete two modules per week.  Students who are weak in some areas may work on particular modules longer than others.

Our study material provides easy-to-understand explanations of complex subject matter in order to help you make the best choice when deciding between two answers.  This is the reason why first-time test takers, who use our program, average a score of 470 and repeat test takers increase their score by an average of 36 points.  

About Our Tutoring

About Our Tutors

All our tutors are licensed COTA®’s & OTR®’s who have been hired and trained by our founder, Stephanie Shane.   Our tutors are not only passionate and dedicated but they also have a phenomenal track record.  Based on the success of other students, We estimate that a student will increase their score by 6 points per tutoring session.  Each tutoring session is one hour via Skype or phone and is booked through our online portal.

Our Story

Stephanie Shane, the founder of Pass the OT, received an undergraduate degree in Marketing and Business Management and a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy in 2012.  After graduating and passing her board exam, The NBCOT, a group of ten students approached her about tutoring for this exam. While tutoring them, Stephanie uncovered many more effective methods to teach the complex material than what was being presented in their current 500-page textbook, Therapy Ed.  With the help of her tutoring, all the students soon passed the exam. To assist more students, Stephanie started a Facebook group called, “Pass the OT” where she offered her own audio recordings, custom-made charts, and personal tutoring students via Skype and phone. In a short while, she was tutoring over 20 students, and 90% of them had passed the exam.  She also had over 500 followers who were asking for flash cards, audio recordings. and simplified charts.

Her husband, Jeff, saw that there was a demand for Stephanie’s expertise, and convinced Stephanie to build a website where she could easily collect payment for her materials.  After lots of hard work and an investment of $5000, passtheot.com was launched. Even though there was demand for the website, it had no quiz functionality, effective membership system, and it was built by a developer who was a crook.  Therefore, Jeff and Stephanie were forced to discard it. Though initially a failure, Jeff believed in his wife and he knew there was a great need for her expertise and services. With another investment of $5,000 and heavy persuasion from her husband, passtheot.com was rebuilt.

Today has Pass the OT has helped over 1500 students from more than 175 universities worldwide pass the NBCOT® and earn their OTR® and COTA® licenses.    These include first-time test takers, repeat test takers, test takers with learning disabilities, test takers who speak English as a second language, test takers with severe test anxiety, test takers who have been out of school for many years, and even test takers who failed the NBCOT® over eight times.   Pass the OT currently have twelve dedicated, passionate, tutors around the country who have helped hundreds of these students pass the NBCOT® exam. They also have been contracts directly with many US accredited universities and colleges.

About Our Founder

NBCOT® exam tutors

Stephanie Shane, M.S. OTR/L, Founder of “Pass the OT” started tutoring in 2010 and since then, she has helped countless OT’s and OTA’s study for the occupational therapy test and pass the NBCOT® exam. Stephanie takes great pride in her studying methods, her study materials, and in training her tutors for the NBCOT® exam.

Stephanie received a Master’s of Science degree with honors in Occupational Therapy from California State University – Dominguez Hills.  In addition, she attained a BA in Marketing and Business Management from the University of Arizona.  Since graduation, she has worked in a variety of settings, with both children and adults, however her primary therapy experience is in pediatrics.  She may be contacted at sshane@passtheot.com




Our Mission

Pass the OT is not just a study prep for the NBCOT® exam.   Our staff is dedicated to bettering the lives of OT and OTA students and their families. We approach this goal with dedicated personnel, best-in-class study materials, cutting-edge technology, and strategic partnerships, to help our students build their confidence, overcome obstacles that seemed insurmountable, and obtain their dream career.  

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