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OT & OTA Web Course

with optional one on one tutoring

  • Empower your students with easy-to-understand study material, proven test-taking strategies, and challenging quiz questions
  • Promote critical thinking and clinical reasoning through a comprehensive, simplified approach that supplements your curriculum
  • Track and review your student’s progress quickly and effectively
  • Support your students with optional remote one-on-one tutoring from dedicated, licensed OT’s
  • Implement our program seamlessly with your existing curriculum
  • Fund flexible subscriptions through state-based grants or student fees

Why Students Prefer Pass the OT Over the Other Study Preps

Student rated PASS THE OT 28% Higher Then THe Other Study Preps

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Our Distinct Advantages:

  • Our structured study plan eliminates the guesswork of what to study and makes studying easier
  • Our study material is thorough, well organized. manageable, concise, and easy to understand
  • Our test prep questions are spot on, has clear rationale, and simulated the actual format of the exam
  • Our audio recordings, charts, videos, and games simplify learning and cater to many types of learners
  • Our Assessment Test helps you properly focus on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Our tutors build your confidence, help you break down the questions, and teach you how to choose the correct answer
  • Our questions and study material are up to date as well as they are  constantly  revised and updated
  • We offer flexible payment plans and incredibly responsive tech support

Work with Experts

We know this test backwards and forwards and have spent many years developing a program that accommodates all learning styles and abilities.  We have helped students with learning disabilities, language barriers, severe test anxiety…
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We provide students with a study plan to eliminate guesswork of what to study as well as we give students the proper tools to assess their strengths and weaknesses so that they can study efficiently.  We simplify complex material…
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Hold your Students Accountable

We provide program directors and faculty with tools, such as student activity logs, score tracking, initial assessment tests, and accommodation tests.   These tools  help quickly identify weaker students…
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One-On-One Tutoring

We provide optional remote tutoring to assist students throughout their entire study process and assist them as questions arise. This enables them to hold students accountable, reduce test anxiety, test critical thinking.  And …
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What Your Students Receive With Our Program Director Package

8 structured easy to use modules with:

  • 1600 timed/untimed questions with rationale
  • 18 hours of audio lessons
  • 30 charts, 40 videos, games and game on all key topics
  • Assessment test with strengths and weaknesses analysis
  • Mini Quizzes that are broken into 25 Key Topics
  • Final comprehensive exam, Accommodation quizzes.
  • Highlighted study material, Clinical simlulations.
  • Accessible via  mobile, tablet,  laptop or desktop
  • Tutoring may be purchased to supplement program

Students may study any of the material they choose in our eight study modules, when they want, wherever they are at.

Tools We Offer Program Directors

Hold Your Students Accountable:

  • Track and export all your students scores from one place in seconds
  • Quickly identify students that are having difficulty, and provide them with proper support before they take the exam
  • Monitor all your student’s login and engagement activity from one place
  • View all your student’s incorrect, correct and unanswered questions from all their quizzes
  • Get real time support whenever you need, from knowledgeable Pass the OT staff

Learn More About Our Amazing Tutors

One hour sessions via phone or Skype

  • Improve critical thinking and learn the correct intervention
  • Learn to break down the question
  • Reduce test anxiety & increase your confidence
  • Get a proper gage when you are ready to take the exam
  • Choose your tutor and time through our online booking system
  • Students average a  6 point increase with each tutoring session
  • Each tutor is a licensed OTR® or COTA® with an excellent track record

The Most Effective Study Prep





34 pts.


1,000 +


We’re here for you from the day you sign up until the day you pass

If you notify us that you did not pass after using our program, we will reach out to you to help you figure out where you went wrong and how you can improve, so that you do not make the same mistakes again.  We will also extend a 50% discount on our Web Course* or give it to you for free if you purchase four or more tutoring sessions when you sign up again. 
*Crash Course not included

Our Recent Accomplishments

  • Pass the OT helped a student pass after taking the test 8 previous times using other prep services
  • Pass the OT helped a student raise their score by 104 points
  • Pass the OT helped ESL students and students with learning disabilities pass the NBCOT® exam
  • 84% of students who used Pass the OT passed on their first try

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